Card instructions

Credit/Debit Card verification required for 1st Transaction!

Normally it takes 10-20 mins to get verified while making the 1st transaction (please fill in all info in the verification form correctly and use good quality pictures) and another 5 minutes to make a payment!

  • Please ensure you are making the payment ONLY with your own credit/debit card with YOUR NAME on it.
  • Visit enter your get pumped order AMOUNT in the ‘the amount you deposit’ field and press ‘start transaction’. *** First time u need to sign up
  • Enter BTC address provided by email in ‘Your Bitcoin Wallet’ field and fill the form in with your personal info.
  • Next, you will be redirected to Transaction Details page, Please wait while your verification is reviewed.
    This usually takes 15-20 mins, but it could take up to 2 hours or more.
    If your verification is rejected, you will get an email with a detailed explanation of the issues to be fixed.
  • When your verification is approved, you will have to press the “Continue to Checkout” button.
  • Once your card has been validated and processed, your payment is completed! Verification and processing usually happen within 5-120 mins.
    Please note: your payment might require a manual review, so monitor your mailbox for any additional verification emails from Simplex.
  • Once you received payment completed notice, gets back to me in order to process your order in my side bro.